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We’ll take you on a trip through places that produce mouth watering food and wine and let you discover the people behind, their stories, their passion for good products and work well done.

On demand wine tastings, virtual visits of vineyards, “behind the scene” videos will let you discover everything there is to know about the food and wine you are going to taste.

And, when we made you curious to taste the products you have discovered, head to our shop and order them directly from the people who made them.

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I have discovered not only exceptional wines and food but also exceptional stories of winemakers and farmers spanning over several generations. And I have learned a lot of incredible facts about wines, wine regions, varieties, and the best food to pair them with. I have learned so many surprising stories about honey, olive oils, balsamic vinegar. The experience on this website goes beyond going to a wine shop and randomly picking a wine. It's, in fact, closer to going to a library and picking a book.

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