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Progress Country & Wine House

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Progress Country Wine House - Wine Tourism - Italy - The Good Gourmet
Accommodation, Event Organizer, Wine Producer, Wine Tasting, and Wine Tour


Grape Types

Glera, Pinot Nero, and Recantina


Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Rosso Montello DOCG Colli Asolani

Wine Price

10 – 15€

Cultivated Surface



Production Volume



Vineyard Age



Progress Country Wine House - Asolo - Italy - Wine Tasting - The Good Gourmet



Bed&Breakfast and Farm House



Swimming Pool



Other activities

Wine tourism, event organization, private anniversaries, and celebrations, business meetings, tennis and golf lessons, guided tours to the most important and attractive cities in Veneto, horseback riding, e-bike rental.

Our Story

Situated at about 200 metres above sea level, Progress Country & Wine House appears discretely, buried in a fascinating mix of vineyards and olive trees lying behind Villa Rinaldi, a splendid 17th century, Palladian-inspired, residence.

Conceived by the Veneto entrepreneurs Dennis Bordin, his wife Beatrice, Fanio Pontin and his family to enhance the natural context, artistic beauty and noble history of this area, Progress Country & Wine House is an important holiday location in a farm offering the finest quality wines and oils, produced organically in harmony with the rhythm and life cycles of Nature.

The farmhouse/B&B accommodation on the estate consists of nine Apartment Suites: each of them with a different coloured décor, flooring and choices of furniture, to give an individual look and unique appeal. An ethical choice that led to investment in innovative production methods, converting production to organic for wine and olive-growing in harmony with nature, with zero chemical additives and heavy metals, reducing the use of copper and sulfur-based products only in cases of extreme necessity, such as diseases like downy mildew and oidium, typical of the territory of Asolo.

The Progress Country & Wine House farm owns 5 vineyards planted with vines, all facing the sun, extending over 9 hectares in the Asolan hills and proudly in the municipality of Asolo, in an ideal natural area with chalky/rocky/clayey soil and a mild temperature.

Along with its vineyards in the Country House area, the farm can boast the Col del Sol Vineyard with trenches and caves dating to World War I, to visit enjoying a breath-taking view. The winery for the production and winemaking of about one thousand hectolitres of wine has been realized with technological solutions of new generation according to requirements 4.0. The structure is equipped with concrete tanks, stainless steel tanks, wooden tuns, CO2 control, destemmer-crusher, various pumps for a state-of-the-art wine making process. The warehouse is structured for a capacity of 20,000 bottles for a maximum total annual production of 120,000 divided into different types, brands and varieties (Glera, Recantina, Pinot Noir). Here you will find our Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Organic long charmat 5/6 months “Col del Sol” the traditional “Col d’Acelum” and our historical Asolo Montello DOC Recantina “Cento Orizzonti”, in addition to our reserve of DOP Grappa Extra Virgin Olive Oil ”Pro Tempore”

Progress Country Wine House - Wine Hotel - Asolo - Italy - The Good Gourmet

We Speak:

English and Italian

Group Size:

2 – 60