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Frantoio Presciuttini – Olive Oil Mill in Lazio, Italy

Frantoio Presciuttini - Olive Groves

The Story

My name is Pierluigi Presciuttini and I am an olive grower from Montefiascone (VT) who grew up among olive trees and in the family oil mill.

The passion for these wonderful trees has led me to pursue with dedication and stubbornness the search for continuous agronomic improvements in the management of olive groves, starting from the cultivation with polyconic system to the instruments to indicate the correct harvesting period, always favoring a sustainable and natural cultivation and excluding the use of harmful chemical products, in the belief that the quality of the product must always be in the first place.

Currently, I manage about 3000 plants and almost all have been recovered from abandonment in the last 3 years.

Many cultivars are Caninese, many other Frantoio and others Leccino. With the aim of producing an absolutely excellent oil, I am always looking for abandoned olive groves to recover.

I am particularly attracted by trees that have been away from man for a long time because they are the best for production quality and rusticity of growth.


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