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Aldo Marenco

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Aldo Marenco - Dogliani - Piemonte - Italy - Wine Producer - The Good Gourmet
Wine Producer, Wine Tasting, and Wine Tour


Grape Types

Barbera, Dolcetto, Favorita, Merlot, Nascetta, and Nebbiolo


Dogliani DOCG, Langhe DOC Barbera, Langhe DOC Favorita, Langhe DOC Nascetta, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, and Langhe DOC Rosato

Wine Price

10 – 20€

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Production Volume



Vineyard Age



Aldo Marenco - Dogliani - Piemonte - Italy - Wine Tasting - The Good Gourmet

Our Story

The history of our winery is that of our family, the Marencos, firmly rooted in Dogliani, a village in the Langhe that has always been linked to viticulture.

From great-grandfather Francesco to grandfather Luigi, from my parents Aldo and Bruna to myself, Claudio, the long peasant tradition of attachment to the land has never stopped.

Since the 1970s, viticulture has become the protagonist of our daily life, through the increase of vineyards and a substantial refinement of technologies in the cellar, without however ever abandoning the peasant spirit, respect for nature, the search for the best exposures for the vineyards and constant care for the cultivation of the rows, without resorting to unnecessary forcing and polluting treatments.

Thanks to this approach, innovative for the time, as early as 1991 we were among the first producers in the area to obtain the certification of organic suitability today issued by Bioagricert.

Currently our company owns 25 hectares of land, 12 of which are dedicated to vines (Dolcetto, Barbera, Favorita, Nebbiolo, Nascetta, Merlot) in the “Madonna delle Grazie” sub-area, at an average altitude of 400-450 m a.s.l.

In all, we produce around 70-80,000 bottles every year, scrupulously controlled in the cellar and destined for a selected market of importers, restaurants, wine bars, wineries, specialized shops and private consumers, in Italy and around the world.

Aldo Marenco - Dogliani - Piemonte - Italy - Wine Tourism - the Good Gourmet

We Speak:

English, French, and Italian

Group Size:

2 – 30

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