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Bodega K5

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Bodega K5 - Txakolina - Spain - Vineyard Tour - The Good Gourmet
Event Organizer, Olive Oil Tasting, Wine Producer, Wine Tasting, and Wine Tour


Grape Types

Hondarrabi Zuri


Getariako Txakolina DO

Wine Price

8 – 30€

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Our Story

Bodega K5 is located in Aia, at 300 meters altitude, in front of the Cantabrian sea and very close to the natural park of Pagoeta, in a privileged spot called “Eztenagako Txorrua” mountainside. If we look to the left, we can see the Mouse of Getaria and to the right, the mouth of the fisher port of Orio.

The plot has 30 hectares in total and 15 of them are full of vineyards, where the variety is Hondarrabi Zuri. The other 15 hectares left are forests and the little paths that surround the cellar, full of beech, chestnut and oak trees.

Wines with stars

Our K5 and KPilota wines, with Getariako Txakolina Designation of Origin, are produced at a 15 hectare plot, full of 100% Hondarrabi Zuri vines, a native grape.

Every year, our vineyard grows a bit older and that helps us in our mission, that’s why we elaborate very limited productions of our wines, adjusting the load to the age of the vines and making each grape a bomb full of smells and flavors.

We Speak:

Basque, English, and Spanish

Group Size:

2 – 12

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