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Eliris Olive Oil

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Eliris Olive Oil - Olive Oil toursim - Greece - The Good Gourmet
Olive Oil Producer and Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil

Olive Types

Chalkidiki, Kalamon, Koroneiki, Manaki, Megaritiki, and Tsounati


Blend EVOO


Cold pressed


Cultivated Surface



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Our Story

In an area of astonishing natural beauty, nestled in the foothills of the Menikio mountains in northern Greece, there thrives an olive grove of noble provenance. Home to a rare collection of legendary Greek olive varieties, the grove has been painstakingly rejuvenated by a daughter in honour of her father’s dream.

In this idyllic, tranquil setting, olives are tended with reverence using time-honoured, organic methods. Fresh olives are harvested by hand and quickly extracted to produce Eliris, a signature field-blend of unrivaled quality, aroma and flavour.

Eliris is one of the finest, most distinctive and awarded organic olive oils in the world. Fresh Estate olive oil is like nothing else, a rare joy to be savoured. If you are holding a bottle of Eliris, you are one of the very few to discover and experience a truly rare delicacy.


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English and Greek

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2 – 50

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