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Alpi Retiche IGT, Rosso di Valtellina DOC, Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG, and Valtellina Superiore DOCG

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15 – 30€ 

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very old


Our Story

Le Strie winery was established in 2003 by Stefano, Paolo, Luciana and Marisa. Our farm is a very peculiar one: none of us was born in Valtellina valley: Paolo and Marisa come from Venice, Luciana comes from Marche region and Stefano comes from Rome.

Valtellina valley wine district is located north-east of Milan, in the middle of the Alps and close to Como lake. Terroir Valtellina has special features: we have beautiful terraced vineyards which date back to centuries ago and the soil is sandy, acidic, with a lot of stones inside. In these conditions, Nebbiolo, which is the main grape variety grown here, gives great fine red wines.

Le Strie winery is a small family run farm: we currently have a bit more than two hectar wide vineyard and our average annual production is about 10.000 bottles. We do everything on our own: we directly work in the vineyards, we make the wine, promote and sell it.

Our history started in 1993 when me, Stefano, and Paolo met in Sondrio for job reasons. We both have a degree in agricultural science and moved to Valtellina to work in this field; Luciana and Marisa work in different sectors. We started growing vines in 1995 and in 2002 decided to make our own wine instead of just selling the grapes.

Our aim was making personal and, so to speak, “terroir” wines trying to point out the peculiar features of Nebbiolo grape grown in Valtellina wine district. To get this goal, we started to grow the vines according to Guyot method preserving, where possible, the old vineyards along with their genetic biodiversity and made new plantings only when necessary. Moreover, we changed stakes and wires in order to widen the foliage surface and, as a consequence, provide the best conditions for ripening the grapes.

In our vineyards, as well as the most part of Valtellina vineyards, no mechanization is possible at all: this because of the terraces. We do not use any herbicides and cut the grass instead; as far as spraying the vineyards are concerned, we do in according the integrated pest control method, which means that we do it only when it is strictly necessary, taking into account of the weather conditions and the vegetative stage of the vines.

Picking the grapes is manual, too: we do it making an accurate selection and use small cranes in order not to squeeze the grapes. We take the grapes to the cellar where they are crushed and destemmed. Fermentation is spontaneous for all the wines, apart from Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG: it takes place by indigenous yeasts which are naturally located on the grape’s skins. The sulfur dioxide level in our wines is very low, we do not clarify them and we only make a slight filtration before bottling.

All our wines are traditional ones; we make four kind of products: Valtellina Superiore docg, Rosso di Valtellina doc, Sforzato di Valtellina docg, Alpi Retiche Nebbiolo igt. All of them are red wines and come from 100% nebbiolo grapes.

To make the most out of them it is to taste the wines along with food: roasted meat, game, mature cheese, using big stem glasses and serving at 16-18°C.

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English and Italian

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1 – 10

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