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Rústicas Faiges

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Rusticas Faiges - Tarragona - Spain - Olive Oil Producer - The Good Gourmet
Olive Oil Producer and Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil

Olive Types

Arbequina, Arboçana, Farga, Morruda, and Sevillenca


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Cold pressed


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Rusticas Faiges - Tarragona - Spain - Olive Oil Tasting - The Good Gourmet

Our Story

With the experience accumulated by three generations of the Faiges family dedicated to the production, packaging, marketing and export of olive oil, Rústicas Faiges represents the seal of proximity of the company Ffaiges.

A business group founded by Francisco Faiges Ribas that accumulates a centuries-old history linked to oil and the land from the humblest origins.

Our trajectory began with small olive groves and selling bulk oil on a local scale. Today we take care of the entire oil production process, from the harvesting of the olives at our olive farms, to the extraction, packaging and proper processing of waste, an expression of our ecological and social commitment.

Since 1963, with the opening of the first Aceites Faiges SA warehouse in Roquetes, until 2018, with the inauguration of the new Rústicas Faiges oil mill, also in Roquetes, our background in the oil sector has led us to acquire prestigious brands and build new facilities to meet the needs of the market both nationally and internationally.

Our olive trees

In our olive groves located in the Terres de l’Ebre, between Mas de Barberans, Roquetes and Tortosa, mainly arbequina, fargas, morruda and sevillencas olives are produced, distributed in traditional and intensive farms.

On the Mas de Barberans farm, 10 hectares of arbequina olive trees and 5 hectares of olive trees of the farga, morruda and sevillenca varieties of traditional cultivation are cultivated. On the Parellades de Roquetes farm, some 90,000 arbequina trees are cultivated intensively, and on the Mianes de Tortosa farm, some 20,000 arbequina trees and some 16,000 arboçana trees.

Our olive oil

Our olive oil is the result of a careful production process that unites tradition and innovation to create a wide variety of balanced and tasty oils: extra virgin olive oils, unfiltered first-pressed oils, flavored oils, gourmet-quality seasonings for day-to-day cooking or to prepare the most exquisite dishes.
oil tasting

At Rústicas Faiges we want to be close to you, which is why we offer you oil tastings and olive oil experiences: a pairing between olive oil culture and the flavors of oil.

We open the doors of our mill so that you can learn about the oil production process, walk through the olive fields or do an oil tasting in our oil library, where you can find our range of home-grown olive oils, 100 vegetable oils %, gourmet condiments with extra virgin oil and artisan products such as soaps, olive paste or pâté.

Delve into the exciting world of oil, its landscapes and a living heritage of olive oil tradition.

Rusticas Faiges - Wine Tasting - Tarragona - Spain - The Good Gourmet

We Speak:

Catalan and Spanish

Group Size:

8 – 14

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