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Savouidakis - Olive Oil Tasting - Crete - Greece - The Good Gourmet
Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil

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Monovarietal EVOO (Koroneiki)


Cold extraction


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Our Story

Embark on a wonderful journey and get to know the “liquid gold” of Crete that will elevate your senses. If you are a lover of olive oil tourism, the Mediterranean diet and the Cretan culture, then the experience we offering has been designed for you.

You can visit our premises in Agia Varvara, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a guided olive oil tasting experience by a trained professional taster, while observing our olive oil bottling process at the same time.

By selecting one of our available programs, you will learn to identify the positive qualities of our extra virgin olive oil, using terms such as “fruity”, “bitter”,”spicy”, while you will also learn to distinguish a lower quality olive oil from a good quality one. We will teach you how to take your recipes to another level by pairing them with the right olive oil based on its aroma and flavor profile.

You can also enjoy a meal with dishes inspired by traditional Cretan cuisine in a modern and cozy space at the center of Crete.

We Speak:

English and Greek

Group Size:

2 – 12