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Tenuta Maule

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Tenuta Maule vineyard tour - The Good Gourmet
Olive Oil Producer, Wine Producer, and Wine Tasting


Grape Types

Cabernet Volos, Chardonnay, Durella, Garganega, Glera, Merlot Khorus, Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon Rytos, Soreli, and Volturis Pinot Nero


Gambellara DOC, Lessini Durello DOC, Prosecco DOC, and Vicenza DOC

Wine Price

8 – 16€

Cultivated Surface



Production Volume



Vineyard Age

4 – 60


Olive Oil

Olive Types




Cultivated Surface


Production Volume


Our Story

We are a new company that produces and vinifies its own grapes in Montebello Vicentino. In our winery, we produce as sustainably as possible with territorial care and harvesting of grapes strictly by hand in small boxes to preserve all the aromas in the wine, with temperature control, and with soft pressure on the grapes. After that we proceed with the Battonage technique every two days until next spring, so wine is naturally strengthened by taking a better structure.

The type of DOC (Designation of Controlled Origin) wines that we produce are: Gambellara Classico, Colli Vicentini Vicenza and Prosecco. Currently we are producing 6 types of wine, 3 types of Charmat Method Sparkling Wines, Pinot Bianco, Gambellara, Durello and Prosecco Extra Dry, Brut and Rosé versions, for still wines, we produce Gambellara, Gambellara Classico, Chardonnay, Soreli(PIWI) and Pinot Bianco.

From this year we also produce PIWI wines from resistant vines that allow us to reduce phytogramic treatments in the vineyard by 80%

We Speak:

English, French, Italian, and Spanish

Group Size:

2 – 20

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