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Vinný Sklep U Dvou Zvířat

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Vini Sklep - Wine Tourism - Czech Republic - The Good Gourmet
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Our Story

We are a family company, where hobby became business. We produce mostly white and rosé wines, but we also make red and sparkling wines. We make mainly single variety wines (cépage) and we emphasize their variety character and uniqueness. We make wines in relatively small batches so that we are able to do the job ourselves and guarantee the highest quality possible.

Our effort is to respect the natural material in the most possible way to produce wines that we like. We believe this is the way to succeed.

Our wine cellar is situated in the village Šatov, on the very border of CZ/Austria and we have ca. 130m of cellar rooms in brick architecture, built in the early 1800s. The object is situated in the “cellar alley,” which is protected for its unique architecture.

In the village and its neighborhood there are also other places of interest. For example there is an exhibition of the “Iron curtain” or military fortress objects from 1930s. It is also possible to visit nearby historical towns Znojmo (CZ) and Retz (A), which are known for their unique underground cellars.

For tourism lovers there is a lot of bicycle trails and there is also a possibility to visit National park Podyjí / Thayatal, situated ca. 2km from our village.

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