21 Wine Tasting Destinations for the Start of Autumn

Hello my dear gourmet friends,

I know, I know. Summer is already behind us, the holiday season is over, the schools have started, and it’s not that sunny anymore. But this is no reason to be sad.

Actually, what better season to visit a vineyard than when the leaves start changing their colours and let you enjoy a beautiful symphony of yellow and rusty shades.

Here’s a list of 21 wineries around Europe where you can enjoy a great glass of wine with a view and great food.

Podere Le Caggiole

For 7 generations we have handed down the craft of winemaker and the love for the land of Pieve Caggiole, where vines have been cultivated since the Etruscan era. Tiberini is an organic winery attentive to the relationship with nature and the highest quality, in a path set between the tradition of the past and attention to the future. The … Read more

Chiesa Del Carmine

Valle della Chiesa del Carmine has a long tradition of producing fine wine. In 1974, the authoritative American wine journalist, Burton Anderson wrote in the US Wine Spectator about a white wine of impressive quality from land that now falls within the Carmine Estate. We are excited to be making wine from such acclaimed territory. We are assisted by one … Read more

Cantine Colonna

Everything started in Casalnoceto, a small village in the Colli Tortonesi, in 1969 when Colonna Livio, with only two hectars, started to cultivate vineyard and produce wine. During the years, Cantine Colonna have gradually expanded to the current thirteen hectars, which include vineyards and, to a lesser extent orchards. The soils, clayey and mainly exposed to the south, allow us … Read more

Tenuta Montemagno

It is in this old 16th-century estate, bordering on the edges of the Montemagno, Viarigi, Casorzo and Altavilla districts, that our dream became reality: to rediscover a land protecting ancient tradition, to instil new life in walls that have witnessed so much history and to produce wines that will proudly represent Monferrato but, through our own interpretation, also leave the … Read more


The Velenosi winery was founded in 1984 by Angela and Ercole Velenosi, who later established Velenosi Srl together with Dr. Paolo Garbini in 2005. The heart of the company is located in the city of Ascoli Piceno, in the Marche Region, and in addition to the four wineries located in Ascoli Piceno, Castorano, Monsampolo del Tronto and Castel di Lama, … Read more

Tenuta Garetto

The Garetto estate takes its origin in the early 1900s, at a very important time for Piedmont Viticulture. In fact, in those years the region was slowly rising from the phylloxera, which had eradicated much of the vineyards. For some years now, Barbera had shown its particular resistance to this disease. It was also vigorous, with constant production, and gave … Read more

Badia Di Morrona

Badia di Morrona, a historic estate located in Terricciola, in the Terre di Pisa, a stone’s throw from the sea. 600ha of land in which cypress forests, vineyards and country flowers frame a historic abbey dating back to the 1st millennium AD in which it is now possible to celebrate events and ceremonies.  Badia di Morrona is also and above … Read more

Tenuta Campo Al Signore

Luca and Valentina, originally from Rome but longtime residents in Florence, decided it was time to get a house in the country where they could savour rural tranquillity, far away from the stress of city life. In 2010, they decided to buy a property at the beginning of Via Bolgherese, and they renovated both the farmhouse and the vineyards. Their … Read more

Carlo Tanganelli

We have always produced natural wine. We have never been conventional vintners. Obviously we have the organic certificate but we want to go beyond organic. The wine must in fact be unique and unrepeatable like its territory. Today too many foods and beverages have been globalized and taste the same from New York to Tokyo. Our mission is to be … Read more


THE PFITSCHERS Fired with enthusiasm for a century and a half with no signs of slowing. Three generations live, work and make wine together here. We stand for clean, straightforward wines coming from high altitude vineyards. Thanks to the cool climate they get expression, finesse and their own identity.

Papantonis Winery

Papantonis Winery was established in 1993 by brother and sister Antony and Kallie Papantonis. Its aim is to produce an excellent red dry wine from the Agiorgitiko grapes and a white wine from the indigenous variety “Roditis” (65%) and Chardonnay grapes (35%). The Agiorgitiko is one of the oldest varieties, which has shown great stability through the years. The winery … Read more

Château Saint-Georges

The history of Saint-Georges goes back to the Gallo-Roman era (4th century) when a splendid villa overlooked the vineyard of the famous Latin poet Ausone. The estate and parish of Saint-Georges were already established in the Middle Ages. In 1602, the Château Saint-Georges was sold by Henri IV to Jean Barbot, lawyer at the Bordeaux Parliament, who bought it for … Read more

Tenuta La Pergola

Tenuta la Pergola is a winery founded in 1903 with grandfather Tony who started growing the first vines for personal consumption, in the 1980s we became wine producers in all respects. Since 2001 the company has moved to its current location and is run solely by Alessandra Bodda, the third generation. Located in Cisterna d’Asti (Roero), the production is mainly … Read more

Boscaini Carlo

Our winery covers an area of 14 hectares over looking the famous village of St. Giorgio Ingannapoltron, known around the world for its marvelous ancient church, cloister, and archeological excavation. In the beginning, the late Carlo Boscaini (who lived to the venerable age of 102 drinking wine in modest quantity but high quality) produced wine with great passion, his son … Read more

Colesel Spumanti

Colesel Spumanti is a historic company, located within the Cartizze area, the Pentagono d ‘Oro della Valdobbiadene DOCG. Since 2019 it has been recognized by the UNESCO Heritage. The finest grapes of the denomination are grown here, from which our sparkling wine is born: “Pentagono 69” – Colesel Superiore di Cartizze DOCG brut. For more than 70 years, Colesel has … Read more

La Fusina

Dogliani, capital of the south-western Langhe, lies in a natural hollow surrounded by hills covered with vineyards. The culture of wine is well rooted thanks to centuries of rural tradition and to the everyday contact with vineyards and cellars. The farmhouse is the heart of life: if there are a lot of reasons and a lot of ways to approach … Read more

Mer Des Oliviers De Delphes

The olive oil Mer des Olivier de Delphes, is produced from olives of the olive groves of Amfissa – Delphi. These groves exists for over 5000 years being the oldest in Greece and one of the oldest on the planet. Here the ancient Greeks cultivated olives and produced oil before any other part of Greece did. Within this environment the … Read more

Bergamini Vini

In respect of tradition and with the help of modern technologies that guarantee the healthiness of the production process, the different types of wine that enjoy the appreciation of customers are born. The vines are concentrated in the south-eastern area of Lake Garda, characterized by morainic hills that have been considered since ancient times as one of the most suitable … Read more

Castello Di Perno

The tradition in the contemporary In Castelletto, a land that gives its name to a renowned Cru of the DOCG Barolo in the municipality of Monforte d’Alba, between the ridges of Perno and Serralunga, born in 2013 Castello di Perno winery. A wine reality with a classic imprint in addition to a contemporary vision, which finds the best expression of … Read more

Vinicola Arno

Vinicola Arno was started by Mara and Michael Arno in 2017.  They decided to  return to their Italian and Portuguese roots with a strong desire to produce exceptional wines. Four years later, they have built a strong viticultural program and are now producing a variety of outstanding wines.  The land has been producing wine grapes  for over 200 years.  They … Read more

Torraccia Del Piantavigna

The history of “Torraccia del Piantavigna” began in 1977 when Pierino Piantavigna, maternal great grandfather of the current generation of the Francoli family, planted his first vineyard of Nebbiolo in the hills above Ghemme, near the former Cavenago Castle. The name of the company, founded 13 years later, was inspired by Pierino’s passion for the vineyards, which were such an … Read more



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