The Good Gourmet - Editorial Mission - Media Kit

Editorial Mission

The Good Gourmet is an international magazine for gastronomy, travel, and culture.

Our mission is to surprise our readers with a carefully selected collection of fine food and niche wines from around the world, exquisite restaurants, gourmet recipes, places to stay, and worlds to discover.

We publish original, in depth essays and articles on subjects connected to gastronomy, culture, travel, and the “art de vivre” in different cultures around the world.

And, perhaps more importantly, we hope to publish articles that make great dinner stories to tell your friends.

Brand Reach

The Good Gourmet has an international audience of affluent connoisseurs who enjoy travelling to new places and discovering what each place has to offer in terms of gastronomy, culture, and one of a kind experiences. With its digital and print monthly audience, our brand reach results in a projected total brand readership of 34,000 affluent adults.

The Good Gourmet Audience

Average Age*  –  37
Male/Female*   –  55/45
Average Annual Income*   –  90,000 €
Readers per copy*  –  7
Copies/Issue  –  1,000
Total brand audience  –  34,000
Average monthly website visits  –  5,000
Newsletter subscribers  –  11,900

*Source: Google Analytics, Social Media and newsletter analytics. For print the numbers are estimates based on the number of copy per issue.

Vineyards - The Good Gourmet - Media Kit
Champagne Hervieux-Dumez - The Good Gourmet - Media Kit



Multimedia Solutions

Multimedia Solutions - Print Magazine - The Good Gourmet
Print Magazine Cover - The Good Gourmet


The Good Gourmet magazine is distributed bi-annually on the lounges of luxury hotels, private clinics, country clubs, golf clubs, high-end car dealerships around Europe. The second distribution channel is through international direct online sales of individual copies or subscriptions. A small number of our magazines will be distributed via retailers.. With a target audience of consumers of fine food and niche wines who travel extensively for both business and pleasure, The Good Gourmet reaches affluent individuals in more than 80 countries across the globe.

The Good Gourmet - Online Magazine

Digital is accessed globally offering its affluent readers a large array of information related to food and wine producers, gourmet restaurants, places to stay, things to see, and experiences to enjoy.

Email Newsletter

Promote your business via sponsored ad banners in our newsletters with the latest hotel, gastronomy, travel, and culture content. The email newsletters are sent directly  to The Good Gourmet club members.

Social Media

The Good Gourmet’s social community of affluent and aspirational individuals is
continuously growing. Each platform provides the latest stories for those who want to stay in the know.

The Good Gourmet - Restaurant Guide

Hotel & Restaurant Guide offers our hotel and restaurant partners the possibility to list their hotels and restaurants in a visually attractive, detailed, and highly engaging format.

In Every Issue


Discover all that is to know about food and wine. From wine regions, olive oil harvesting and processing, tasting notes, and pairing advice, we aim to change the way people see food and the experience of eating.


Featuring interviews with and comments from the people who are changing the food and wine production landscape, and the wider world, for the better. Here, we cover a range of topics and perspectives from pioneers in organic, bio-dynamic, and traditional production methods.


Exquisite recipes from around the world submitted by chefs, professionals or just people passionate about their work. And, of course, wine pairing advice to impress your guests.


Discover lesser known food and wine regions, their characteristics, their products, producers, and the best restaurants in the area.

Digital Showroom

Website Banners - The Good Gourmet

Website banners

Highly visible banners designed to allow viewers to interact with your brand via your producer, restaurant or hotel page on

Website banners

MPU  –  300×250  (web and mobile)
DOUBLE MPU  –  300×600 (web and mobile)
LEADERBOARD  –  728×90 (web) 300×100 (mobile)
BILLBOARD  –  970×250 (web) 300×100 (mobile)

Sponsored Newsletter

The Good Gourmet Club bi-monthly newsletter provides food related news curated by our editors. Sponsored banners will reach these consumers looking for inspiration on their next dining experience.

Promotional Email

A great way for food&wine producers and restaurants to promote their business to an affluent audience interested in the latest in dining experience.

Native Advertising

The web feature will be showcased on the homepage or a designated channel, and will remain as content for 12 months. Each article includes up to  500 words of copy with one image.

Social Media

Through our social media platforms, our social community can discover the latest news from our website, alongside tips and behind-the-scenes content they can’t find anywhere else. We feature exclusive content and allow our audience real-time insight into the newest launches, and unique brand experiences they don’t want to miss out on. As our readers increasingly look to social media for information and inspiration, we ensure we are providing regular dynamic and exciting content to satisfy their needs

Social Media - The Good Gourmet

Print Showroom


A standard 1-page advert, on black and white, showing your company’s logo, name, a short description, and the website.
Its minimalist look allows you to stand out and catch readers attention

2-Page Advertorial

A 2 page advertorial in the format of native content. 

Best fit for food and wine producers, our audience will discover your farm or winery and your products through a well-written article.

The article is up to 300 words and includes 2 images.

Multimedia Solutions - Print Magazine - The Good Gourmet

5-Page Advertorial

A more elaborated version of the 2-page Advertorial, the 5-page Advertorial presents your company with a lot more detail and goes in depth in talking about your products. The article is up to 500 words and includes 5 images.

5 Page Advertorial 1 - The Good Gourmet
Multimedia Solutions - Print Magazine - The Good Gourmet

1-Page Gift Guide

Present your products in our gift guide list. This format allows you to present your farm or vineyard and 2 products on one page.

2-Page Gift Guide - The Good Gourmet

2-Page Gift Guide

This format allows you to present your farm or vineyard in a more detailed format and 3 products on a 2-page spread.

Rate Card


Print Rate Card - The Good Gourmet

*Premium Position (first 50 pages of the magazine): add 15%


Digital Rate Card

*15%discount if added to a print package

**Free with orders over 500€

Website banners are visible on the website for a month


Digital Package

6 month


Print&Digital Package

12 month


Premium Package

12 month



Advertising Closing Dates* (TbC)

*Please note that deadlines are subject to change.

Submitting materials

Please note that we have a 6MB limit on emails.

Files smaller than 6MB can be sent by email to

For files larger than 6MB please send them using to

Please name the files with your company name.

For best resolution, all images must be supplied at 300dpi.


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