Producer Story

Lesvion – Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil from Lesvos, Greece

Lesvion - Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Lesbos

The Story

In the island of Lesvos, characterized by a unique climate, virgin vegetation and specific geomorphology, the olive is the symbol of the place.

The olive groves of the Giakalis family, situated in one of the prime locations of Lesvos island, create products of high gastronomic and nutritional value since ancient times. The groves are over 400 years old, grow on rocky soil and are not watered.

The olive varieties used to make the Lesvion Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil are: Kolovi at 65% and Adramitini at 35%. The Adramitini variety, native of Asia Minor, was cultivated by the Greeks since the ancient times.

The young agronomist Vasilios, together with his brother Dimitrios, the 4th generation of the Giakalis family, decided to bottle their production, a tradition of their family and of the island.

Their olive oil they create, Lesvion, is certified organic, cold pressed, and double filtered.

Lesvion - Giakalis Family Olive Grove - Lesvos Greece