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DO Toro and Emporda Wine Regions – Spain’s Well Kept Secret

Spain Wine Region - The Good Gourmet

I am economist who took the sommelier course not so much as a profession, for now, you never know because it is a world that I would like to dedicate myself more to professionally, a bigger dream would be to have my own cellar and range of wines, in a place with charm and the possibility of a small restaurant, imagine, very beautiful and a dream. But for now it is a topic to disconnect from day to day, as well as a hobby but with deeper touches and more complex knowledge.

I live in Spain, land of wines, we have many designations of origin, but there are two that I am very much in love with, on the one hand, the D.O. Toro and the other Emporda, two very different regions in terms of characteristics, both in terms of type of land and type of grapes grown. The two of them have a common point: the result – great wines, with body, intense aromas and with a character marked by the land and climate.

If we start with the Toro region, we find slightly more extreme climates, with a predominance of bull ink, a type of grape with hints of candied fruit and very ripe fruit, wines to drink slowly and be surprised. These are highly flavoured wines and this makes them resemble the gastronomy and the landscape of their region: a gastronomy reach in flavours that invites you to “dip bread” in it, picture perfect landscapes, not very much visited, virgin sites that will forever leave an imprint in your memory.

If we follow the path of wine, we arrive at the second most favourite land for me, which would be that of the Emporda, already entering the region of Catalonia, a region where the characteristic grape is Garnacha. This type of grape gives strong wines, and depending on the land, they can be rougher or meatier, but also sweet wines, wines that defend themselves very well in the different areas of gastronomy. The wines are a reflection of their region: coastal and also inland, warm sea breeze but also very cold temperatures, where you can find a lot of small and well preserved medieval towns that seem to have remained frozen in time since centuries past. Take a day or weekend to enjoy the charm of these beautiful places, enjoy their gastronomy, and taste the wines.

Ready to get in the car and get carried away by the roads and their views, mountains, and paths, all paired with a good wine? Chin chin!


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