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The Langhe Wine Region – How Can You Not Fall in Love with It?

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Langhe wine region - The Good Gourmet

It’s less difficult to choose a favourite wine region than to choose a favourite wine

What is my favourite wine region?

Despite this being a less difficult question, compared to “What is your favourite wine?”, it’s still hard to pick just one region out of the entire worldwide production.

I’ve been working in the wine industry for over ten years and have had the chance to try many things. What impresses me the most about wine is its elegance. I more appreciate wines with high acidity and delicate fruitiness rather than explosive and full-bodied ones.

Because of this, I love all the areas or producers that can offer a result with these characteristics.

Langhe wine region – wine as a vocation

Out of all the ones I could choose from, one is Piedmont, particularly the southern part, Langhe.

I love to mention it as my favourite region as it’s the one where I deeply feel in love with wine, not just as a drink or a concept but as a vocation.

I know, it’s one of the most renowned in the world and it’s easy to say “My favourite wine is Barolo”, which is a superstar in this environment. But what makes it so unique to me is the atmosphere. It’s a peaceful, harmonious, lovely place where silence and colour help you reconnect with nature.

The wine offer is wide, and it’s not restricted to reds with big names like Barolo and Barbaresco (both made with Nebbiolo grape) or their “younger brothers ” like Barbera and Dolcetto.

The region is rich in native grape varieties, and Arneis, Timorasso, Erbaluce, Gattinara, Ghemme are all to esteem.

Knowing them is also a great way to familiarise yourself with the region’s culinary style and find the best pairings between the traditional recipes and its wines.

Bear in mind that there’s also a production of sparkling wines in the region, going from dry (like Alta Langa) to sweet (like Moscato D’Asti), perfect to accompany food from the beginning to the end of the meal.

How can you not fall in love with all this diversity and quality?

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