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Marina Colonna - Olive oil tasting and harvest


In Southern Molise, the harvest starts at the beginning of October, when the olives have reached the highest levels of polyphenols that will provided the anti-oxidant qualities to the olive oil. Pneumatic combs are used for harvesting the olives that will produce the olive oil. The table olives are harvested by hand.

Oil Mill

The olives harvested arrive at the mill and they will be transformed in less than 12 hours from the moment of the harvest.

The grinding process and the temperature are controlled at all times to insure the qualitiy of the olive oil.

The oils obtained from the different varieties are stored in stainless steel vats under nitrogen, each variety is kept separate until it is used for the final blend.


The bottling of the oil is done by hand in anfora like bottles. The “anfora” bottle containing Colonna oil is a registered patent, the brand name is also covered so that there is no chance of counterfeit. The bottle shape was inspired by an ancient anfora of the family collection.

Oil Tasting

Each stage of production, from tending the plant to extracting the oil, is important to achieve a high quality extra virgin olive oil that has all the fundamental olfactory characteristics, flavour and health benefits, making it an indispensable part of our everyday healthy diet and crucial for the prevention of common illnesses.

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