“Rivale” Toscana Rosso IGT 2016

Sangiovese grosso, Merlot – vinification in stainless steel vats for 20 days; 10 months aging in large barrels, bottle aging for at least 6 months.


Tasting Notes


Pairing Advice

Perfect with first courses of land, pasta with vegetables, lasagna, to be combined with the second courses of the land cuisine, it is excellent with grilled pork.



The Rivale was born from the desire to intimately join our superb Sangiovese, the Merlot bred in Tuscany for a generation already, that is, with a less marked but more powerful and concentrated varietal character. Sangiovese is highly prevalent on Merlot, but the percentage of participation of the 2 vines is decided year by year, according to their intrinsic characteristics. Thus was born this wine with a great tannic structure and very soft body.
Soil composition: Mixed clay, very rich in skeleton
Average altitude of the vineyards: 250/350 MASL
Grape varietals: Sangiovese grosso known as Montalcino ” Brunello “and Merlot second Tuscan generation in varying percentages according to the vintage, however with a strong prevalence of well-selected Sangiovese.
Training system: unilateral cordon spurred.
Harvest: Manual selection of the grapes in perforated boxes, delicately discharged directly onto the vibrating table which allows the grapes to be dosed evenly, facilitating the staff who will go through the manual selection on the sorting table. 6 persons carefully check the grapes, so as to be able to remove unwanted components, such as spoiled, unripe grapes and bunches, leaves and foreign bodies before reaching the destemmer hopper.
Vinification: Separated for Sangiovese and Merlot, followed by long maceration on the skins and frequent scaling pumping over. Maximum temperature freely raised to 33 ° C
Aging: 10 months in new oak barrels and 6 months in bottle. Alcohol content 13.5% Vol.
Organoleptic characteristics: Impenetrable ruby red color; intense and enveloping aroma with fresh fruit and notes of ripe fruit merged into the scent of the sweet woods in which it is refined. Remarkable structure with imposing tannins, large body and secure personality.
Service: It is advisable to uncork at least 4 hours before serving and serve at a temperature of 21 ° C.