Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2019

Sangiovese grosso, vinification in stainless steel vats for 20 days, 8 months aging in large Slavonian Stockinger barrels, aging in bottle for 4 months.


Tasting Notes


Pairing Advice

Rosso di Montalcino is ideal for less elaborate first and second courses based on rabbit, chicken, turkey and lamb. It also goes well with medium aged cheeses.



Soil composition: clayey mixture, very rich in skeleton
Average altitude of the vineyards: 250/350 MASL
Density of plants per hectare: 4.500
Training system: unilateral cordon spurred
Grape variatels: Sangiovese grosso called “Brunello” in Montalcino with the name “cascade”
Harvest: Manual selection of the grapes in perforated boxes, delicately discharged directly onto the vibrating table which allows the grapes to be dosed evenly, facilitating the staff who will go through the manual selection on the sorting table. 6 employees carefully check the grapes, so as to be able to remove unwanted components, such as spoiled, unripe grapes and bunches, leaves and foreign bodies before reaching the destemmer hopper.
Vinification: Intense extraction with frequent pumping over in the initial stages of fermentation, followed by medium quiescent maceration on the skins. Accurate temperature control, the maximum of which is raised to 29 degrees centigrade and allowed to freely drop until racking.
Aging in wood: 8 months in Slavonian oak barrels selected by Stockinger
Refinement in the bottle: Minimum four months in a conditioned room.
Organoleptic analysis:
COLOR: Intense ruby red, clear.
BOUQUET: Large and persistent, with fruity notes well blended with hints of wood in which the wine is aged.
TASTE: Important structure and tannins, soft with persistent notes of fresh but well ripe fruit.
Service: At a temperature of 20 ° degrees Celsius, in glasses created for Rosso di Montalcino wine