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This Might Not Be the Veneto Wine Region You Know

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Opera, Spritz, romantic holidays in Venice or Verona, somewhere around the corner, you had a glass of local wine and fall in love with it immediately. Veneto wine region, in the northeast corner of Italy, is probably where a wine lover gets to know Italian wine from the very beginning.

Veneto wine region is smaller than Tuscany, Piedmont, Puglia, and Sicilia, but it produces more wine. It is well covered by plain land and valleys. To the north, there are the Alps which bring cool air and pure mountain springs. To the south, the beautiful Adriatic Sea channels in from the Romantic city, Venice. Lago di Garda and “little string” Adige River extend till its neighbor region, Trentino. The hills and valleys fill up wherever they can find a spot.


Scriani - Valpolicella - Wine Tourism - The Good Gourmet

Amarone, Pinot Grigio, Soave, and Prosecco, those must-know Veneto wines push the Veneto wine region to the top in Italy, as the biggest production region in Italy.

Amarone, with the famous “Appassimento” wine making technique, represents a unique style of highly concentrated, powerful, and long ageing potential wine. Pinot Grigio and Soave, one is named after the grape variety, the other is after its village. Both are the two-signature dry and refreshing white wines from the Veneto wine region. Prosecco, made mainly with Glera grapes, is the most accessible sparkling wine. From Brut to off-dry, drinking alone, or making a cocktail, it simply makes you happy.

However, the Veneto wine region has much more than this. What it is offering “hiddenly” might not make it the Veneto wine region you know.


Valpolicella and Amarone are undoubtedly the most famous wines from the Valpolicella village in the Veneto wine region. Amarone, in particular, is a unique and intense dry red wine made from dried grapes. However, the local winemakers in the center of Valpolicella are producing exceptional wines with international blends such as MerlotCabernet SauvignonCabernet FrancCarmenerePinot Noir, and more, showcasing their versatility and creativity. These wines are a testament to the winemakers’ skills and their ability to adapt to changing consumer tastes. 

Agriturismo Vedova - Country House - Valdobbiadene - Italy - The Good Gourmet

Agriturismo Vedova

Dedication to the craft and love of the land have made the Vedova family one of the largest and well known wineries of Valdobbiadene. The...

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Gini Vini Garganega Recioto - Valpolicella - Italy - Vineyard Tour - The Good Gourmet

Gini Vini

Ours is a story that dates back to the 1500s. Since that century, the Gini family has cultivated its own vineyards in Monteforte, and this...

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Monte del Fra - Veneto - Vineyard Tour - Italy - The Good Gourmet

Monte del Frà

Monte del Frà winery was founded in 1958 by the brothers Eligio and Claudio Bonomo. The name originates in 1492 when the property belonged to...

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Bergamini Vini - Garda Lake - Italy - Vineyard Tour - The Good Gourmet

Bergamini Vini

In respect of tradition and with the help of modern technologies that guarantee the healthiness of the production process, the different types of wine that...

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Colesel Spumanti - Valdobbiadene - Italy - Vineyard Tours - The Good Gourmet

Colesel Spumanti

Colesel Spumanti is a historic company, located within the Cartizze area, the Pentagono d ‘Oro della Valdobbiadene DOCG. Since 2019 it has been recognized by...

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Carlo Boscaini - Veneto - Vineyard Tour - The Good Gourmet

Boscaini Carlo

Our winery covers an area of 14 hectares over looking the famous village of St. Giorgio Ingannapoltron, known around the world for its marvelous ancient...

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La Tordera- Valdobbiadene - Prosseco - Vineyard Tour - The Good Gourmet

La Tordera

La Tordera was founded in the Hills of Valdobbiadene, in the Cartizze Hill. Here for 4 generations the Vettoretti family has been transforming grapes into...

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Progress winery - wine tasting - Italy - The Good Gourmet

Progress Country & Wine House

Situated at about 200 metres above sea level, Progress Country & Wine House appears discretely, buried in a fascinating mix of vineyards and olive trees...

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While Pinot Grigio and Soave are often considered simple white wines, a few top producers from Soave are able to demonstrate the true potential of the Garganega grape, producing complex and flavorful wines that are worth exploring. The Valpolicella village has a lot to offer beyond its classic Amarone and Valpolicella wines. 

The region is home to numerous unique wines, and its wines are as interesting as they are diverse. So, if you are looking to expand your wine horizons, don’t miss out on the exciting and diverse wines that the Valpolicella village has to offer. From the classic Amarone to the international blends and the complex Soave wines, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Lago di Garda and Valdadige of Veneto wine region has these lovely guys

The Veneto wine region is a treasure trove of hidden gems, and its northwest side is no exception. Lago di Garda, Monte Bardo, and Adige River are all located in this area, and they offer a unique terroir that is perfect for growing Bardolino, the lightest red wine in Italy.

Bardolino is often compared to Valpolicella wine, but it is much lighter and fresher, almost like a Rosé. In fact, some have even called it Italy’s “Beaujolais.” However, the Veneto region is not just known for its red wines. 

Soave, a white wine made primarily from the Garganega grape variety, is also a popular wine from this region. Soave is produced only with white grapes, and it is a favorite wine destination for wine lovers. The Soave DOC is the most famous Garganega-producing region, located in the Veneto in northeastern Italy. It is found throughout the region, and it is known for its crisp acidity, floral aromas, and mineral notes. 

Corvezzo - Vineyard Tour - Italy - The Good Gourmet

Corvezzo Winery

“Nature is a treasure that we intend to preserve and cherish as a precious gift for future generations ” This is the commitment that drives...

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Villa Maria Spumanti - Valdobbiadene - Italy - Vineyard Tour - The Good Gourmet

Villa Maria Spumanti

The Panigai family has ancient origins. It was born in the 11th century and since then has cultivated a unique relationship with its territory, transforming...

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Vigna800 - Valpolicella - Italy - The Good Gourmet

Vigna 800

Azienda Agricola Vigna 800 was born in 2001 from the bet of Gianfranco Elampini: to produce good wine from the family vineyards thanks to the...

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Villa Sancarlo - Vineyard Tour - Valpolicella - The Good Gourmet

Villa San Carlo

Few kilometers east of Verona, the Villa San Carlo estate is a sizeable oasis of unspoiled greenery. From the top of a hill facing the sunset,...

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Gambrinus - Vineyard Tour - Prosseco - The Good Gourmet


Under the shade of ancient oak trees that in the eighteenth century already added pleasure to the Venetian nobility’s sorties into the countryside, at a...

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Manara - Vineyard - Valpolicella - Italy - The Good Gourmet

Manara – Azienda Agricola

Manara winery started in San Floriano in 1950. After three generations and with its fourth gradually joining in, the Manara family is carrying on its...

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Villa Canthus - Veneto Vineyard Tour and Tasting - The Good Gourmet

Villa Canthus Azienda Vinicola

VILLA CANTHUS Great wines since 1987 Giuliano Ormenese, the owner with his daughter Deborah are proud to propose their high-quality wines, created from a scrupulous...

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Accordini - Vineyard Tour - Valpolicella -The Good Gourmet

Accordini Igino Winery

The story of the Accordini Igino Winery began in 1821 in the heart off Valpolicella, an area with strong and deeply rooted tradition of viticulture...

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Along Monte Bardo and Adige River, Valdadige is the name of the endless valley. The mountains are soaring into the clouds, but I can barely open my eyes from the sunlight reflection of the Adige River, even in winter. 

Valdadige is a wine region located in the northern part of Italy, covering three provinces in two regions: Bolzano and Trento in Trentino-Alto Adige and Verona in the Veneto. The region is known for producing a variety of red, rosé, and white wines, including some of the world’s best Pinot GrigioValdadige DOC, also known as Etschtaler DOC in German, is a multi-regional designation established in 1975. 

Although it covers a large area, it has an important common denominator: the Adige river, which flows through the region and influences the climate and soil. The region’s wines are characterized by their freshness, minerality, and elegance, making them a popular choice among wine enthusiasts. 

It seems unstoppable when talking about Italian wine, but let’s give it a pause. Now, you are in front of a different Veneto wine region, and that gives you a perfect excuse to go there again or for the first time.

Tenuta Maule vineyard tour - The Good Gourmet

Tenuta Maule

We are a new company that produces and vinifies its own grapes in Montebello Vicentino. In our winery, we produce as sustainably as possible with...

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Le vie angarano - vineyard tour - The Good Gourmet

Le Vie Angarano

The Company: A historical house surrounded by 8-hectare vineyard, a venetian family that numbers Dogi among its members, a direct lineage, an entrepreneur, a destiny....

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Ronca - wine tastings and tours - Lake Garda - The Good Gourmet

Az. Agr. Ronca

Between Verona and Lake Garda, more precisely in Sommacampagna, Ronca farm has its roots, which has about 20 hectares of vineyards owned, the soils fall...

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Villa-Arfanta Serena wines - wine Tasting - The Good Gourmet

Ville D’Arfanta

In 1999, nature-loving brothers Giorgio and Gerardo Serena fell in love with the land and vineyards located in the splendid hills on the north side...

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Tenuta Falezza - Verona - wine Tasting - The Good Gourmet

Tenute Falezza

Our passion was born back in 1974 with Mr. Luigi Falezza. Over the years we have expanded to become owners of 18 hectares of land...

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Cantina Giusti Wine Tasting Treviso Italy

Giusti Wine

The emblem of the Giusti Wine project is the new, state of the art 5-floors underground cellar going 8 meters underground. The winery was built...

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