Cuvée des Rois de France aged in Oak Barrel – Brut Prestige

This Cuvée «Royale» was first created to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Reims Cathedral and it was designed for those curious to discover new flavours offered by a special champagne, matured in oak.


Tasting Notes and Pairing Advice

This refined champagne will go well with white meat and a light mushroom sauce. But also more powerful meats, such as game, or a recipe based on truffles.



Blend: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir
Dosage: 9g/l
Fermentation: Malolactic
Terroir: A terroir full of history, located just a few kilometres outside Reims, sacred city of the Kings of France. Our vineyards are spread over four magnificent Crus on the Montagne de Reims: Sacy, Chamery, Ecueil and Villedommange, all classified under the prestigious, «Premier Cru».
We benefit from a terroir of clay-limestone soil, adding a great finesse to our wines. Our integrated approach to growing and production is both kind to the environment as well as suiting a wide organoleptic palette.
Vinification/Aging: This Cuvée, harvested from the best parcels of our vineyard, is pressed with the greatest care so as to preserve the quality of the juices. It is then aged for 1 year in oak. During this period the wine awakens, nourishes, grows, evolves to achieve a subtle balance between finesse, elegance, suppleness and roundness with light woody aromas, before being bottled. The wine is then aged for 3 further years in our 17th Century vaulted cellars in order to mature and prepare it for tasting.
Organoleptic characteristics: The nose evokes delicate flavours of toasted vanilla, candied fruit and citrus fruits. The palate reveals smoky notes, honey and toasted almonds. This original cuvée is for amateurs, curious to discover new flavours offered by this special champagne, matured in oak. Between the acidic freshness of Chardonnay, the delicacy of Pinot Noir and the complexity brought by the oak, this cuvée is rich and balanced. The oak barrel used comes from the forests of the Montagne de Reims and thus preserves the authenticity of the aromas of the local terroir.

The story: This Cuvée «Royale» was first created to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Reims Cathedral, and is naturally close to our hearts. Our farm is located just a few kilometres south of Reims and we like to think that we benefit from the protective influence of the Cathedral overlooking our labours in Sacy. Reims, the city of coronations, has welcomed no less than 30 Kings of France who came here to be crowned. Indeed, during the feast that followed the coronation of King Louis XVI on June 11, 1775, many came to draw ferruginous water from the spring in our village of Sacy. It is this natural connection between our land and the history surrounding us, which first gave us the inspiration to create this noble wine.