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Casanuova delle Cerbaie

Casanuova delle Cerbaie

Casanuova delle Cerbaie was founded in the early 1980s by Rosemary Stumpp, a German lady in love with Italy and its wines.

With its two and a half hectares of vineyards, she produced Brunello di Montalcino for over twenty years, after which new vineyards were purchased and the cellar expanded.

In 2008, an authoritative Wine Connoisseur sensing the potential of the territory, took over the estate and with the close collaboration of Alessandro Brigidi, a native of Montalcino, he began an extraordinary qualitative path, aimed at the production of excellence, paying particular attention to the vine and the terroir.

The nature of the soil and its enviable position enrich the Brunello produced in this area with infinite elegance and a particular variety of aromas. The wood used for our barrels has been carefully selected thus ensuring integrity and territorial expression.

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