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Champagne Hervieux-Dumez

Champagne Hervieux-Dumez

Located in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, in the small village of Sacy, we cultivate 50 unique plots, in the Premier Cru appellation, which we work with the greatest care.

Very young we were already walking in the footsteps of our fathers, boots on and basket in hand during the harvest, climbed onto the tractor to play at being a winegrower.

This love of the vine, this passion for wine, is a very strong anchoring that runs through our veins.

« Récoltants-manipulants » for 4 generations, our story is a story of family and «terroir».

It is also a unique know-how passed down from father to son, with a sight always turned towards the future.

Passionate winegrowers, our desire is clearly the search for excellence, we develop precise, elegant and very fine champagnes. To achieve this, we rely on what makes up our profession: life, the soil, and the grape.

Since 2020, we have been hosting beehives on our plots. The presence of the bees obliges us to scrupulously apply cultivation methods that are favorable to them.

Representing biodiversity, bees are more than a symbol for us, they are the reflection of our identity: children of the terroir, living on what nature offers us.

Our Terroir is spread over an area of 9.5 hectares in the Premier Cru appellation. It is for us an inexhaustible source of inspiration to develop champagnes that we want to be precise, authentic and perfectly balanced.

Composed of clay, chalk, but also silt and sand, each of our plots reveals its subtleties and offers a very interesting aromatic and organoleptic palette for making our champagnes.

We pay particular attention to biodiversity and to listening to nature because this is where the secret of the quality of our grapes and the quintessence of our champagnes lie.

During pressing, we systematically replace the end-of-press wines with the first, most qualitative juices, called “the Cuvée”, then we proceed to the blends, in search of the perfect balance. This requirement and this quest for irreproachable quality accompanies us and stimulates us on a daily basis.

Blending cuvées, unique grape varieties, vintages, cuvées aged in oak, the diversity of our range will resonate with each one of you.

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